football.db - New Build System - Welcome ./Datafile

The sportdb command line tool includes a new build system (as a new and easier all-in-one option). To try it - use the new Datafile - a mini language a.k.a. domain-specific language (DSL) that lets you setup new football.dbs in minutes.

For example, to setup a football.db for the World Cup 2014 use:


world 'openmundi/world.db', setup: 'countries' 

football 'openfootball/national-teams' 
football 'openfootball/world-cup', setup: '2014' 

Now run

$ sportdb build 

The new build command will look for the ./Datafile script in your working folder and

  • Step 1) Download all datasets as zip archives (from GitHub) to ./tmp
  • Step 2) Create all database tables
  • Step 3) Read/import all datasets from the zip archives in ./tmp (no need to unpack)

That's it.

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